Alex Tank

Alex Tank
Alex Tank

Date & place of birth: 2nd of June 88 / Giessen (GER)

Hometown: Allgäu (GER)

Sponsors: Head, Zimtstern, Arnette, Gnarly, Celtek
, Clast
Gear Setup: Head Flamba 152, Head NX5 bindings, Head boots, Zimtstern Outerwear, Arnette Goggle

Stance: don't know. It just has to feel comfortable (Alex rides goofy)

Favorite Bands: Wu-Tang, Biggie, Dylan, Hendrix

Favorite TV Shows: Californication

Favorite Movies: too many to name

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:
golf, skate, hang with my girl, film

Dumbest/funniest/scariest/whatever thing that happened to you while traveling/filming this season:
shattering my elbow in 8 pieces somewhere in czech republic and going to a hospital where nobody speaks any english…

Five things you'd take to a deserted island:
my girl, ipod, skateboard, golfclubs, ...

What would you like to say:
that's not even a trick!