Benny Wetscher

Benny Wetscher

Date and place of birth: product of the 80's - real O.G.
Hometown: Fügen in Zillertal, Austria

Sponsors: DC, Oakley, Moreboards, Skullcandy, Pow, Flux, Frontline Clothing
Gear Setup: Board: DC MLF 154 for park/DC MLF 158 in powder/DC Tone 149 rails, Bindings: Flux RK30 all day every day, Pants: DC Donon Baggy, Jackets: DC Spectrum  and  DC Falera, Boots: DC Status, Goggles: Oakley Splice nothing else
Stance: 61 cm wide, front: +15 degrees, back: -15 degrees

Favorite Bands: Biggie and Pac
Favorite TV Shows: Entourage, How To Make it In America, Breaking Bad & Boardwalk Empire
Favorite Movies:
Scarface, 96 Hours, Menace II Society, Training Day,

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:
spend some time with my family and homies and of course I love to hang out with my girl!

Funnest thing that happened to you while traveling this season:
It was super fun learning to ride a snowmobile in the backcountry. I got stuck all the time in the beginning. I was really bad! After a while I got used to the sled and I really had a BLAST sledding.  Cheah!

Five things you'd take to a deserted Island:
survival kit, my girl, water, food and a knife

What would you like to say: 
Snowboarding is so much FUN- go out and get some!

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