A Chat With The RockonSB Crew

Isenseven X RockonSB X Nike Chosen

Our friends over at Nike asked us to choose one video, from the Chosen Video Contest which we liked best, and meet with the crew to talk about their movie.

We were pretty blown away by RockonSB's "Breaking Board". Sick cinematography, funny story, insane riding and overall just a bangin' clip. So we travelled up to Winterberg, Germany to meet with cinematographer Lukas Thielke and his riders Michael Miethig and Wessel Van Lierop to chat about their movie.

If you like their movie, then check out their clip "Breaking Board" on the Nike Chosen app on Facebook and give them some "Facebook Money" (=likes):
Check it here...

Sorry for being in German and all, but then again...we are ze Germans talking to ze German crüe.