Daniel Rajcsanyi

Daniel Rajcsanyi
Daniel Rajcsanyi

Date & place of birth: 20.02.92 / WOR.

Hometown: Gee-retsried (GER)

Sponsors: Ride, Volcom, Cobrats, Airblaster, Celtek
Gear Setup: Ride kink, some bindings, 32BRADSHAW BOOTS, celtek gloves, volcom pants, volcom hoodie. a hat.
Stance: As wide as i can

Favorite Bands: h.gicht

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:
chat, email with friends, play world of warcraft, speeddating, wanking, just beeing in front of my computer

Dumbest/funniest/scariest/whatever thing that happened to you while traveling/filming this season:
i almost died

Five things you'd take to a deserted island:
1. enough water
2. enough food,
3. 8 girls and 5 guys.
4. music
5. a hat

What would you like to say: