David Bertschinger Karg

David Bertschinger Karg
David Bertschinger Karg

Date & place of birth: 12.07.1989

Hometown: Wädenswil / Zurich (CH)

Sponsors: Volcom, Bataleon, Smith, Planet-Sports, GummiLove, Clast
Gear Setup: Bataleon WhatEver 59, Bataleon Fun.Kink 54, Volcom TDS-Outerwear, Smith I/O Goggle, Clast Neckwarmer
Stance: Regular

Favorite Bands: The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Raconteurs, Rolling Stones

Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Californication, FamilyGuy, How I Met Your Mother, king of queens

Favorite Movies: hard to find a favorite one.. i'm watching "into the wild" right now, pretty damn good.

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:
dive into water.

Dumbest/funniest/scariest/whatever thing that happened to you while traveling/filming this season:
dumbest: seeing marco and fips playing "if i was you" in china.
funniest: seeing marco and fips playing "if i was you" in china.
scariest: flipping my sled during a highmark in a freakin steep face

Five things you'd take to a deserted Island:
why always this "deserted island" question?? why dont you just ask: what are your favorite five things?? it's hard to call five favorite things actually...

What would you like to say:
download shazam, so you dont need to always ask "what song is this?"

Blog: www.dbkblog.com