Ludwig Lejkner

Ludwig Lejkner

Date and place of birth: 1990-02-04 , Falun 023, Sweden breeh!
Hometown: Falun, sweden

Sponsors: Burton snowboards, Monster energy, analog clothing, anon optics, online shop, RED, gjerdemeister

Stance: Regular , +15 -15 (59 wide)

Gear Setup: Board: Burton mr niceguy 152/155 rails 52 and kickers 55, Binding: Burton Cobra shark, Boot: Burton Ruler, Outerwear: Analog, Goggle: Anon The realm


Favorite Bands: Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Lil wayne, The Game, swedish house mafia, aviici, tiffany and pistol pete, the black angels, skrillex

Favorite TV Shows: swedish house wives in hollywood

Favorite Movies: the next three days, scarface hoho..

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:
Be home chilling with my homies, wakeskate and partyyyyyy

Dumbest/funniest/scariest/whatever thing that happened to you while traveling/filming this season:

Dumbest: i have no cloue so many things haha, i gotta stop losing my wallet all the time haha!

Funniest: We were shooting in my hometown and we walked from the car to a spot and Elliott had his tripod and a kid called the cops cause he tought he had a guun hahahaaha so they came and asked us questions

Scariest: I had a baaad slam in Norway and tought i fucked up my whole body, but i just had couple of weeks off! heeeeellloooo beefcake

Five things you'd take to a deserted Island:
4 girls and a condom

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