Tobi Strauss

Tobi Strauss
Tobi Strauss

Date & place of birth: 26.04.1988 / Berchtesgaden (GER)
Hometown: currently Innsbruck (AUT)

Sponsors: Nitro, Raiden, Vans, Dragon, Planet-Sports, Celtek, Clast, Nixon
Gear Setup: Nitro Team 157, Raiden Phantom Binding, Vans Encore Boot, Vans Outerwear, Dragon Rogue Goggle, Celtek Gloves, Clast Neckwarmer and a Nixon watch to never be late! …
Stance: Goofy, + 12 & - 9

Favorite Bands: Lil Wayne!
Favorite TV Shows: Entourage
Favorite Movies: Julian Wilsons – Scratching the Surface, is a pretty good movie.

When I'm not snowboarding I like to:

Dumbest/funniest/scariest/whatever thing that happened to you while traveling/filming this season:
…listening to Tom E. jokes all season is everything combined and way worse.

Five things you'd take to a deserted island:
Fips, a fishing Rod, two surfboards & toilet paper.

What would you like to say:
Alex Schiller is the Billy Walsh of Isenseven! And they both look the same. The only difference… he likes the Suit!