Video | California


A little outtake from Isenseven's Guide To The Galaxy

We went to So-Cal last season and got exactly what we asked for: Sun, slush, sick parks, awesome fast food, big cars, bigger cribs and some super fun snowboarding. But we didn't see any hot chicks.

Alex Tank, Ludwig Lejkner, Dani Rajcsanyi, Boris Bühler, Basti Kuhn and Benny Urban rode their snowboards in Bear Mountain, Snow Valley, Mountain High, and Snow Summit. It was fun. And warm.

This clip was taken from Isenseven's new bonus movie "Isenseven's Guide To The Galaxy". You can see the rest of the crew's adventures when you buy a copy of "Don't Panic!". You CAN'T see the rest of the crew's adventures if you're lame and download it on Piratebay.


Music: Love Grenades - "Tigers In The Fire"