Video | The Ruama Park

The Ruama Park

Our friend Andi built the soon to become legendary, Ruama Park in his back yard in Austria and we've been shredding it whenever we've had time. This place is so fun! Our own little mountain lab. But as Peter K already said: No "trees passing"! Otherwise Klocker will shoot you with his BB gun. Or he'll challenge you to a game of Call Of Duty and then you won't stand a chance.

Peter König, Tom Klocker, Benny Wetscher, Ethan Morgan, Dani Rajcsanyi and Basti Kuhn are the fellow boardgrinders in this flick.

Thanks to Andi Pfister and all the other dudes that helped build this park"

Elliott and Schiller filmed it. Tom pasted it together. You watched it.

Music: Cassius - Brotherhood