Wojtek Pawlusiak

Wojtek Pawlusiak

Date and place of birth: 27.02.86 / Bielsko Biala, Poland
Hometown: Wilkowice, Poland

Sponsors: Red bull, burton, analog, anon, Nixon, ski&sun snow resort, ema
Gear setup: Board: burton whammy bar , easy livin, Binding: malavita restricted, Boot: hail restricted, Outwear: analog

Favourite bands: tv on the radio, Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, metronomy,
Favourite TV shows: how I met your mother, how to make it in america
Favourite movie: snatch, fight club, departed

Dumbest, funniest, scariest, whatever thing that happened to you while filming/traveling this season:
Dumbest : I broke my collarbone on 27th of february while snowboarding and teaching kids. I did it on the flat slope
Funniest : RV trip with I7 , it was so much fuuun!
Scariest: besides broken collarbone I had some more injuries this season. Right before we were supposed to go to Whistler I broke my zygomatic bone plus some other bones on my left face side.. it was really dangerous..
Whatever : I woke up at the police station in Borlange, Sweden 50km away from the place I suppose to stay .  with no battery left, money and idea how the fuck I got there .

5 things you’d take to a deserted island:
Knife, rope, flint, shoes, t shirt

What would you like to say:
Enjoy your life and don’t waste time..